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Breaking news: Another Rupavahini employee assaulted! (Updated with initial FMM response)

As reported today by the Daily Mirror, the FMM is appalled to learn of another attack against a journalist at the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

Another Rupavahini employee was assaulted today. Police say the employee, Anurasiri Hettige, was beaten by an unidentified gang using an iron rod. The victim was admitted to the Colombo National hospital a short while ago.


The FMM is appalled to learn of another attack against a journalist at the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC). This is a clear indication that all SLRC journalists and staff who protested against the brutish intrusion by Government MP Mervyn Silva and his posse of thugs on 27th Dec 2007 are facing real threat.

This is the third journalist attacked, and at least 10 journalists who either covered or took part in the protest on 27th have received threats recently.

It is  quite clear that law enforcement agencies are unable and unwilling  to stop  these series of attacks or arrest the culprits.  Only united action by all journalists and democratic forces can stop these mercenaries and thugs in the government from undermining our security, safety and professional integrity.

Further, we like to note with dismay that SLRC didn’t give any converge on media protests against attacks on its own journalists held yesterday by all major journalists trade unions and media freedom organisations because of its partisan bias and political pressure.

This is the hour for SLRC journalists to not only stand together against these forces of revenge but also strengthen a campaign to make SLRC coverage accurate, impartial and fair so that all democratic forces can  stand behind the larger institution and its staff.


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