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JVP Somawansa Faction intimidates ‘Lanka-e-News’ journalist


(Lanka-e-News, 2008 April 10, 9.30 AM) JVP guards attempted to intimidate and expel the the ‘Lanka-e-News’ journalist who went to report the press conference held in the National Library yesterday (09).

However, the ‘Lanka-e-News’ journalist proceeded into the hall where the press conference was held. The organizers did not let him to seat in a front row. They covered the journalist and did not allow him to take photographs and one guard attempted to drag the journalist out of the hall.

Amidst disruptions, the journalist asked from the JVP leader, if he had not obstructed the way to Mr. Weerawansa to return to the party while inviting him. Instead of answering the question, Mr. Amarasinghe enquired what media he represented. When the journalist said that he represented Lanka-e-News, Mr. Amarasinghe said he knew what it was and accusing it had no ethics, exposed his own ethics stating that the journalist could write Somawansa had no answer.

Then ‘Lanka-e-News’ journalist questioned if he was not allowed a front seat because he was from ‘Lanka-e-News’.

MP Vijitha Herath retorted stating that the journalist knew that it was the party tradition.

When Mr. Amarasinghe was leaving after the press conference, the journalist asked if the disruptions by his bodyguards were democracy. Then Mr. Amarasinghe asked to show who obstructed him. As ‘Lanka-e-News’ journalist said that it was Mr. Amarasinghe’s bodyguards, a JVP Central Committee member named Suresh attempted to push him aside.

The journalists refused the tea party arranged by the JVP in protest of the behavior of the JVP guards against the ‘Lanka-e-News’ journalist.

We kindly ask from the JVP Somawansa Faction if these intimidations were not a slap on the face of the people’s right to know. It is not a mere intimidation on the journalist in his personal capacity.

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