Offcals results of PC election East, May 2008

UNITED PEOPLE’S FREEDOM ALLIANCE           308,886,              52.21%         *20
UNITED NATIONAL PARTY                              250,732,              42.38%         15
PEOPLE’S LIBERATION FRONT                          9,390                   1.59              1
TAMIZH DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL ALLIANCE  7,714                   1.30              1
EELAM PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY            5,418                    0.92 
UNITED SOCIALIST PARTY                              2,548                    0.43 
EELAVAR DEMOCRATIC FRONT                      2,275                    0.38 
UNITED NATIONAL ALLIANCE                        579                       0.10 
PEOPLE’S FRONT OF LIBERATION TIGERS        383                       0.06 
AKILA ILANKAI TAMIL UNITED FRONT            378                       0.06 
NAWA SIHALA URUMAYA                               312                        0.05 
JATHIKA SANGWARDHENA PERAMUNA          189                        0.03 
MUSLIM LIBERATION FRONT                          39                           0.01  
SRI LANKA NATIONAL FRONT                        30                           0.01 
SRI LANKA PROGRESSIVE FRONT                    26                           0.00  
RUHUNU JANATHA PARTY                             14                           0.00  
THE LIBERAL PARTY                                       3                             0.00 
  Valid Votes                                                591,676                   91.53
  Rejected Votes                                           54,780                     8.47
  Total Polled                                                646,456                   65.78
  Regis. Electors                                           982,721  
    * Includes 2 bonus seats under Section 61A(2) of   the Provincial Council Elections Act No 2 of 1988


eastern PC election, most corrupt -UNP

Polls for the Eastern Provincial Council will go down in the country’s election history as the most corrupt of its kind, the United National Party has said.

Irrespective of the outcome, the UNP will go to courts against the election, the party’s General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said in a statement.

All three districts to the election experienced massive vote rigging and intimidation of voters, but the law enforcement authorities failed to take any preventive action, he said.
  The Pillayan-led TMVP, as well as several government ministers and their gangs were responsible for unleashing the terror and the malpractices.

Ministers Risath Bathiudeen and K.A. Baiz had terrorized Trincomalee, while the Pillayan Group and other government gangs stuffed ballot boxes and expelled voters from polling centre, Mr. Attanayake alleged.

UNP MPs Ravi Karunanayake, Gayantha Karunatilake and Sarathchandra Rajakaruna had their vehicles attacked by armed groups, he said.

In Dehiattakandiya, the son of speaker of parliament, Ujith Lokubandara was threatened at gunpoint by the governor of the Sabaragamuwa Province.

The UNP General Secretary said further that a former police chief was responsible for the violence in Batticaloa, and that the ex-IGP had spent the previous night at a camp belonging to Pillayan.
The UNP’s polling agents had been driven out from 45 polling centres in Batticaloa, 28 in Ampara and eight in Trincomalee, he added.

Eastern Provincial Council polls, a daylight robbery – JVP

JVP’s Wimal Piyatissa has described the Eastern Provincial Council polls as a daylight robbery of votes.

“The election was held at a time when the people of the east or the rest of the country did not expect it. Whatever the government says, terrorism has not been wiped out from the east. An election held in such a scenario is not free and fair,” Mr. Piyatissa told ‘Lanka Dissent.’

He ridiculed the requesting of a mandate from the people who had been terrified by the horror of the Pillayan group and the mortar attacks, the bomb explosion in Ampara and the blasting of a ship in Trincomalee.

The JVP candidates’ leader said that the aspirations of the eastern people came to nothing because of the armed power of Pillayan in Kuchchaweli, Mutur and Periyakulam as well as the terror unleashed by government ministers led by Risath Bathiudeen.

“This government-created terror followed the closure of the Trincomalee 84 checkpoint for civilians from midnight yesterday to 6.00 am today. That did not apply for UPFA ministers. Especially, the Jaela mayor crossed the point at 1.40 am. Outsiders were able to enter Trincomalee, while its residents were barred,” Mr. Piyatissa alleged.
“Furthermore, Police Inspectors Bandaranayake and Fernando of Kantale had been suspended for doing their duties impartially. These are not factors that ensure a free and fair election, he added.

Eastern Provincial Council Election – 2008- CMEV statement

Media Communiqué on Election-related Violence,10th May 2008 – 14.30 hrs – Media Communiqué 2

CMEV has received 25 complaints of election related violence, today 10 May 2008, polling day in the Eastern Provincial Council Election. Of these, eighteen (18) fall into the category of Major Offences. The offences in the latter category include Murder, Attempted Murder, Assault, Threat and Intimidation, Impersonation and Ballot Stuffing. Of the Major Offences, 13 were reported from Batticaloa, 03 from Ampara and 02 from Trincomalee.

CMEV is concerned that the fears expressed by political parties and monitors regarding an upsurge of violence and malpractice on polling day are being confirmed by accounts of systematic impersonation, ballot stuffing, the chasing way of Polling Agents and the intimidatory presence of armed groups in the vicinity of Polling Stations. The nature and extent of the violence is such that we call upon the Elections Commissioner to annul the poll in Polling Stations identified below. The context of violence in which this election is taking place has also been reinforced by the sinking of a Sri Lanka Navy logistics vessel inside the Ashraff jetty in the Trincomalee Harbour this morning. This has been attributed to the LTTE.

CMEV calls upon all political parties and armed actors to desist from violence and malpractice which endangers human security and the integrity of the electoral process.

Ampara District

TMVP supporters at Polling Station 52, AK/Thambiluvil Central Collage were seen removing voter ink from their fingers and returning to vote repeatedly with new Polling cards at around 9.15 a.m. The TMVP office is located right next to the Polling Station. A CMEV monitor reported that there are no Polling Agents of the other political parties inside the Polling Station. A PAFFREL monitor and a Police Officer were present at the Polling Station. It is also reported that a TMVP supporter was seen in front of the Polling Station carrying a T-56 Weapon. CMEV Colombo office reported this to the SSP Ampara who was unaware of this and said he would investigate.

In 51 AK Thambiluvil Kaleimagal Vidyalaya, Thambiluvil, TMVP members were observed distributing Polling Cards at the entrance to the Polling Station and impersonating voters. Here too, no Polling Agents from other parties were present in the Polling Station and the Voters List given by the Gramasevaka has reportedly, not been updated. The distribution of Polling Cards and voter impersonation was observed by CMEV monitors from 10am this morning. When contacted by CMEV, TMVP Ampara Office (0773 971201) stated that no such incident had taken place and that if anyone has lodged such a complaint that the TMVP would investigate it.

Given the systematic impersonation of voters, CMEV calls for the voting in Polling Stations 51 and 52 to be annulled.

Two Polling Stations – Sri Sudharashanaramaya 2 – C Village and Pannalagama Vidyalaya, Pannalagama, came under mortar attack at approximately 7am this morning. The mortar fell on houses close to the Polling Station. Four people sustained injuries including three women and a child who was grievously hurt. It has been reported in the media that the mortar attack was carried out by the LTTE. The Polling Stations were subsequently re-opened. The police is carrying out investigations.

Given the violent disruption of the poll that has occurred, CMEV calls upon the Commissioner of Elections to order a re -poll in that Station.

The CMEV monitor in Dehiaththakandiya observed three vehicles (WP KD – 3784 Maruti Alto, 32-3381 Pajero, JF – 3114 Double Cab) in the vicinity of Wevumedagama and Diyawiddagama this morning. CMEV monitors also reported that two people in these vehicles were bearing arms and that they stopped a Land Master tractor carrying voters and snatched their Polling Cards. These voters reported the incident to the CMEV monitor.

Police Officers headed by S.P Samarasinghe and accompanied by STF personnel have arrested the group of armed people traveling in the three vehicles and informed CMEV of the action they had taken. Deputy Minister Premalal Jayasekara who came to the Police Station claimed that the arrested persons with arms were in his security detail and that he was traveling with them when the reported incident took place. He claimed that the people in the tractor ran away when his vehicle stopped by them, and denies taking their Polling Cards. The Police have released the individuals. No complaints or statements have been recorded.


CMEV monitors report that voting in Polling Station numbers 58, 59, 60, 68, 69, 72, 73, 75 and 76 has been marred by systematic impersonation including the use of false ID cards and by violence and intimidatory presence in the vicinity of the Polling Stations. CMEV calls upon the Commissioner to order a re -poll in these Polling Stations.

Two cadres from the EPDP, Siva and Arasaratnam Kalamohan, were allegedly attacked by the organizer for TMVP in Arapattu, Shanthan (Sasi) and his cadres at 1.10 pm today. According to Navaratnam Navam of the EPDP Batticaloa Office, the TMVP were intimidating voters. Batticaloa Hospital confirmed to CMEV that the two individuals had been admitted.

CMEV Monitors report that Polling Agents of Opposition Parties have been denied access to the Polling Stations by TMVP cadres from 7 a.m. this morning at Palamunai Aliyar Vidyalaya Hall No. 2, Kathankudy, Batticaloa. There are further reports that because of violence by the TMVP against them, no Polling Agents from the other political parties are present in Polling Stations in the area. CMEV calls upon the opposition political parties in particular, to urge the Commissioner to annul the poll in the area, on account of this.

Farook Majeed of SLMC complained to CMEV that Mr. Mohammed Nilam Candidate No 10 of Independent Group was assaulted near the Polling Booth by alleged UPFA supporters when he was trying to enter the polling booth at 110 Hiluriya Vidyalaya Kattankudy 03 at 9 am. According to Majeed he was admitted to the Kattankudy Hospital. The hospital stated that there was no such case, but Mr. Majeed insists that he was injured, received treatment and left the hospital. No Police complaint has been made as of noon.

CMEV Monitors report that UNP and SLMC supporters were using the PA system of the Mosque near Mavadichchennai at 8 a.m. to dissuade voters from supporting the UPFA. They are reported as saying that those who do will “Face Consequences” and that they, the SLMC and UNP supporters will not “guarantee the safety of such voters.”

At Tiriyaya Maha Vidyalaya, Kuchchaveli a large group of people allegedly assaulted voters at 7 am. According SLMC Leader, Rauf Hakeem, the thugs were both inside and outside the Polling Station and that they were preventing people from casting their vote. He claimed that this continued and was on going, at 8.30 am. The OIC confirmed that people had been prevented from voting.

CMEV calls upon the Commissioner to order a re – poll in this Polling Station.

CMEV monitors were not permitted to visit polling stations in Palathoppur and were detained at a check point at around 10.40 a.m. today. They were taken in for questioning to the Muttur Police Station and as of noon, they have been released and allowed to continue with their monitoring work.

CMEV was formed in 1997 by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), the Free Media Movement (FMM) and the Coalition Against Political Violence as an independent and non-partisan organization to monitor the incidence of election related violence. It is currently constituted by CPA, FMM and INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre.