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Eastern Provincial Council polls, a daylight robbery – JVP

JVP’s Wimal Piyatissa has described the Eastern Provincial Council polls as a daylight robbery of votes.

“The election was held at a time when the people of the east or the rest of the country did not expect it. Whatever the government says, terrorism has not been wiped out from the east. An election held in such a scenario is not free and fair,” Mr. Piyatissa told ‘Lanka Dissent.’

He ridiculed the requesting of a mandate from the people who had been terrified by the horror of the Pillayan group and the mortar attacks, the bomb explosion in Ampara and the blasting of a ship in Trincomalee.

The JVP candidates’ leader said that the aspirations of the eastern people came to nothing because of the armed power of Pillayan in Kuchchaweli, Mutur and Periyakulam as well as the terror unleashed by government ministers led by Risath Bathiudeen.

“This government-created terror followed the closure of the Trincomalee 84 checkpoint for civilians from midnight yesterday to 6.00 am today. That did not apply for UPFA ministers. Especially, the Jaela mayor crossed the point at 1.40 am. Outsiders were able to enter Trincomalee, while its residents were barred,” Mr. Piyatissa alleged.
“Furthermore, Police Inspectors Bandaranayake and Fernando of Kantale had been suspended for doing their duties impartially. These are not factors that ensure a free and fair election, he added.

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