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Media groups call for protection to Kattankudi journalists

[2008-06-05 6.10pm] Five local media rights organizations have expressed concern over continuous threats faced by journalists who operate from Kattankudi in Batticaloa.

These organizations said in a joint statement that unidentified groups threatened two journalists in Kattankudi last night (June 04th).

According to reports, the assailants had gone to the houses of T.L. Jawfer Kahan and M.S.M. Noordeen, banged on the doors and attacked with chili powder.

Both work as correspondents for television stations.

The two had been subjected to similar threats during the May 10th polls for the Eastern Provincial Council.

Their complaints have been unattended to by police in Kattankudi who have become victims of political extremism.

The five media organizations said it would be a mirage to think that complaints about the latest threats would be investigated. 
However, they say that the right to seek justice is making them ask the police to investigate the complaints and ensure the protection of the two journalists.

The statement has been signed by the Free Media Movement, the Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, the Federation of Media Employees Trade Union, Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum and the Sri Lanka Tamil Journalists Alliance.

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