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Kathankudi journalists launch protest strike


Journalists in Kathankudi have commenced a strike following threats to two journalists reporting from the area during the tense situation last week.

In a letter issued by the Kathankudi Media Forum (KMF), journalists comprising T.L.M. Joufer Khan, M.S.M. Noordeen, A.L.M. Fazlulhaq, Moulavi S.M.M. Musthapha, M.I. Rahmathullah, and M.A.C. Jalees stated they were psychologically affected due to continuous threats and assaults on the media personnel.

According to the KMF, journalists and media organisations have been threatened and assaulted on five occasions since April 30.

Four journalists have been assaulted in three instances after the eastern provincial polls held on May 10.

Journalists Joufer Khan and Noordeen were threatened and assaulted during the clashes in Kathankudi on June 4, which has resulted in the journalists in the area refraining from reporting.

This was the second occasion where Joufer Khan was threatened. Joufer Khan and Musthapha were assaulted and their equipment damaged when they were on duty on May 22.

Another journalist,  Jalees was also assaulted the previous day. His camera was damaged and his mobile phone taken away. 

The journalists have demanded that their security should be ensured while reporting from these areas, where clashes between Tamils and Muslims increased last week.

– the sunday leader 8th June 2008

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