Media persons enjoying the ‘vipaka’ (results) of their sins blame me -Army Commander

(Lanka-e-News, July 19, 2008, 11.20 PM) Media persons attempt to sling mud on the images of the Army and the Army Commander and when they enjoy the ‘vipaka’ (results) of their sins, they blame me, says Army Commander Sarath Fonseka in an interview with Sunday ‘Lakbima’ Sinhala newspaper.
Commenting on the incidents of threatening to media persons like Keith Noir, Namal Perera and Iqbal Athas, the Army Commander says, “According to my analysis on their charges against Army and Army Commander for attacking them, they might have done wrong to the Army or the Army Commander. When somebody attacks them, their conscience recalls the wrong they had done. Therefore they say that they were attacked by Army.”

Stating that the allegations against him were baseless, the Army Commander added that the aim of allegations was slinging mud at his image.

In response to the Opposition Chief Whip Joseph Michael Perera’s statement that the media persons were assaulted by a team under the Army Commander, the latter said that the MP also had causes to disrupt the forward march of the Army. “If he was a responsible citizen, he could have initiate legal action without limiting to making a statement in the parliament. He could have submitted the evidences to police, courts and Ministry of Defense.”

The Army Commander said that there were enough of such irresponsible persons whose mouths cannot be shut as same as the mouth of a barking dog cannot be shut.