Govt. wants independent commissions curtailed

(, 27 September 2008 14:16
Transparency International alleges 29 ruling party MPs have moved to curtail powers of the independent public, police and judicial services commissions enacted through the 17th Amendment to the constitution.
Executive Director of TI J.C. Weliamuna says that these MPs have sent a written request to Constitutional Affairs Minister Dew Gunasekara regarding their objective.

Mr. Weliamuna said this would take the country’s constitution back to the 1972 period.

According to a government minister who wished to remain anonymous, these MPs have said unlimited powers being enjoyed by independent commissions comes in their way in taking decisions on public petitions.

The MPs have asked that constitutional amendments be brought in to allow parliamentary committees to mediate in orders of independent commissions.

Several opposition MPs who have come to an understanding with the government are supporting this proposal.

Mr. Weliamuna told ‘Lanka Dissent’ that such amendments would once against deny these commissions their independence and allow politicians to rule the country according to their wishes.