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Government Intelligence creating environment to hunt journalists


FMM expresses  its serious concern on the news item which appeared in state controlled daily Dinamina on 18th October, titled “Information about ten journalists who work for Tigers exposed”. The news story had the by line of one Wijayani Edirisingha.  This story was given wide publicity by state controlled electronic media as well.

 According to the news item National Intelligence Division has uncovered information on 10 journalists who disseminate news and photographs internationally giving distorted interpretations on the humanitarian operations the government is conducting in good faith to liberate Tamil people from the clutches of terrorism. 

FMM strongly believes that journalists and photographers have a right to report the war independently and disseminate information locally and internationally. The Media does not have to stick to the interpretations of the government nor of the rebels on any issue. Meda is duty bound to report facts accurately and cover all sides in a fair and balanced manner. At times it may hurt the government and at times it may hurt the rebels. Yet, these rights are  inviolable. 

This attempt through a Dinamina journalist, the FMM firmly believes is an attempt to create an environment to hunt down more journalists. It intends to create hate and suspicion on journalists who wish to report independently on the war. This spiteful news report was backed by several hate mails against journalists and media organizations.

One such news story which appeared on 23rd June 2008 said the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) had sent 8 Tigers to Norway. But, none of those journalists or media organisations has been charged for any related offences so far, which proves these stories are planted by intelligence agencies through State controlled media to first discredit and then to hunt down independent journalists and the media. The attempted abduction and beating up of journalist Namal Perera, Manager Advocacy, SLPI by goons in a white van, is clear proof.

These planted news stories also provide the State an excuse to arrest journalists for “further investigations” as they say, and journalists would end up like Tissanayagam, whose release is still being deliberated in Courts.

FMM hopes HE the President who projects a very close relationship with the media would immediately censure these cooked up stories in his own State controlld media and instruct his own media authorities to refrain from such low practice against journalists

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