Mervyn indicted on nine counts

(Sunday Leader 16th Nov)

Labour Minister Mervyn Silva and three others were indicted on Friday by the Attorney General in the High Court of Colombo on nine counts of unlawful assembly, mischief, robbery and assault involving Sirasa journalists at Peliyagoda on August 4.

The assault and removal of the camera equipment took place when the journalists Waruna Sampath and Saliya Ranawaka went to cover a public event at the invitation of the organisers of the event.

Silva, Dulan Hettiarachchi, Prasanna Ranaweera and Nihal Chandrawansa alias Manchi Nihal were indicted on charges of assault, unlawful assembly, mischief and robbery. They have been indicted under nine counts.

Charge one in the indictment relates to the removal of videotapes from the two journalists.

Charge number two in the indictment states that a camcorder worth Rs 1,239,500 was removed from the Sirasa video journalist Waruna Sampath, and another worth 102,500 from Saliya Ranawaka, according to charge number three. They have also been charged on count four with assaulting Sampath and causing him injuries intentionally. The four have been indicted with damaging the cameras in charges five and nine.