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Radio journalist/manager arrested – FMM

17th  October 2008

Mr. A.R.Vaama Loshan (32) General Manager of Vettri FM Radio (Tamil Radio station) was arrested by the Terrorism Investigations Division on 14th Nov 2008. He worked as radio journalists for nearly 10 years before joining Vettri FM in early 2008.

His family members told 5 media organizations that soon after midnight group of 13 persons indentifying themselves police officials visited their house and took away Mr. Vaama Loshan. The police officials have given a receipt which says Mr. Vaama Loshan was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. 

He is being detained at infamous TID detention centre in Colombo. Five media organizations call on the government to ensure that Mr.Vaama are brought before Courts or released without delay.

We also call on the government to guarantee the safety and security of journalists, media professionals and their families and desist from using a ‘national security’ framework and argument to crush media freedom and silence legitimate voices of dissent in Sri Lanka.

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