Highest tribute to Mr. R.K.W Gunasekara

Mr. Goonesekara Free Media Movement pays its highest tribute to Mr. R.K.W. Goonesekara, Civil Rights advocate who departed this life on 10th of November 2014.

Mr. Goonesekara was a renowned lawyer and an exemplary man who appeared and defended media freedom in Sri Lanka.

We gratefully remember his immense support by advising and guiding us in numerous Fundamental Rights cases concerning media freedom which were filed by Free Media Movement.

Ensuring media freedom and enacting legal reforms is essential to create a society where democracy is cherished. Mr. Goonesekara chaired the committee to Advise on the Reform of Laws Affecting Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression in 1996 which recommended numerous reforms including Right to Information. This report is popularly known as the R.K.W. Goonesekere Committee Report which is the fundamental document we have today on legal reforms to ensure media freedom in Sri Lanka. Our struggle to achieve media freedom will certainly be a salutation to Mr. Goonesekara who believed in media freedom from the bottom of his heart.

Furthermore, Mr. Goonesekara presented a report on discrimination on cast to UN Human Rights council while he was acting as a UN representative on protecting and promoting human rights. This was the first time that United Nations acknowledged discrimination on cast as a Human Rights violation.

We pay our respect to Mr. Goonesekara, a man who contributed to create a better society where Human Rights are respected and he will be eternal in our struggle.