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Summary of FMM’s Short Term Proposals to the Government

LeterThe committee members of Free Media Movement met Mr. Gayantha Karunathilaka Hon. Minister of Media and Mass Communication on the 27th January 2015 to present their short term proposals to the newly appointed government and discuss further steps  that need to be taken to ensure media freedom in the country.

Here are the short term proposals that were presented to Hon. Minister of Media and Mass Communication by Free Media Movement Sri Lanka on the 27th January 2015.


  1. FMM requests the government to prepare the Right to Information act in line with international standers. Also would like to request to engage the Sri Lanka Press Institute which accumulates media professionals, editors and media organizations.
  2. Conduct proper investigations on past attracts to media workers and institutes to bring perpetrators to justice. Establish a compensation scheme for the families of those who were killed.
  3. To ensure transparency and accountability of the governance FMM requests to open the parliamentary committee meetings to media.
  4. As media community repeatedly demanded, abolish the Press Council, a state controlled redressal institution and strengthen and expand the Press Complaint Commission which was established by the media community.
  5. Restore state controlled media as Public service media institutes and establish an independent media commission that is accountable to the Parliament to carry out appointments and other relevant matters. Ensure the independence of the state media from political interest and make its code of ethics known to the public.

Signed by Sunil Jayasekara, Convener FMM Sri Lanka.

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