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Free Expression for All: Campaign begins

Free Expression for All banner


Free Media Movement (FMM) today launches its digital campaign ‘Free Expression for All’ to address the issues related to media and gender, right to information and impunity.
Today 25th of November marks the commencement of 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence. A survey conducted by International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) last year, with the support of FMM, revealed that 27% of Women Journalists in Sri Lanka have experienced sexual harassments at their workplaces.

A society without Right to Information could lead to chaos, conflict, and unruly situation due to incorrect, distorted, misinformation spread among its people. For years, though it has been attempted to introduce a Right Information Bill through Parliament, such attempts have been futile due to narrow interests of then ruling governments. Consequently, the Right to Information Bill was included in the present government’s 100 days plan too. However remembering us the myth of ‘Balagiri Doshaya’, RTI Bill remains postponing forever. Through this Social media campaign we attempt to make a people’s voice to influence government as well as to aware public on Right to Information.

In Sri Lanka there has been a long standing tradition of impunity on state violence against journalists which began in 1980’s and heightened in recent years. A number of organizations and social movements have resisted this tradition of impunity, whereas the FMM has been at the forefront of such attempts. The ‘Black January’ movement annually organized by FMM is an outstanding event against Impunity on journalists. This Social Media Campaign extends our struggles at grassroots, to the digital world.

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